Slowly getting back to "the way things should be"

Well, most of our belongings are in the new house and I'm about 50% of the way there on getting my new craft room set up.

It's absolutely amazing to me that you can live in a place where you have "just enough" and "everything fits," but when you move to a new house you find you need basics... like hangers. We didn't get any new clothes during our move, yet I keep finding that I now have more clothes than I have hangers for.

After dashing off to WalMart the day after the move to purchase some more hangers, I have to wonder... were our movers involved in some kind of underground clothes hanger black market? Maybe it was the skinny guy who packed up our clothes. I bet he has some kind of weird hanger fetish and if you go to his house you'll find closets full of them... just hanging there... empty.

Truth be told, the reason for the larger demand in hangers is really just that we have about 10,000x more closet space in the new house and can now hang things that were previously packed away in boxes. But I like my idea of hanger-obsessed movers better. It's just more entertaining.

So for now, stories like that will have to be my entertainment... at least until I get everything mostly put away. Then, maybe I can get plotting on some new creations!

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