Itsy Bitsy Spider joins some new Etsy Street Teams

Over the last two days I was accepted onto two more Etsy Teams: The Cafemom Street Team and Hearts4Adoption.

Cafemom Street Team

The Cafemom Street Team is a group of Etsy artists who also share a connection through the Web site, Cafemom. I really like the group statement from the profile page for this group:

Our goal is to be the best Etsy sellers and crafters we can be, individually and as a group. We strive to learn together, and grow together. We promote each others shops and crafts. We come together from all walks of life with one common bond: Motherhood.... As different as we all are... we have all held a child in our arms, wiped away tears, and wished we were the ones hurting instead! We know what it's like to have your heart walk outside our bodies...

And through our bond, we put our differences aside and come together to promote handmade, "mother-made" goods.

I encourage you to check out some of the wonderful creations available from the Cafemom Etsy Street Team. You can click this link, or go to Etsy and enter "cafemom team" in the search box at the top of the screen.


Hearts4Adoption is another Etsy team made up of parents and those just beginning their adoption journeys. Here's what Hearts4Adoption has to say about its members:

We are in many different stages of adoption but all have one main goal to bring a child or children into our family through adoption... Other than adoption, the thing that we all have in common is that we have chosen to raise funds for our adoption by putting our talents to work and selling on Etsy. (read more).

You can check out some of the amazing creations from members of Hearts4Adoption by clicking here, or by entering "hearts4adoption" in the Etsy search.

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