Artist Showcase: Amy Gaines

When Amy Gaines couldn't find good knit and crochet patterns for toys, she did what any creative mom would do -- she designed her own! Amy's patterns are for knit or crochet and her subjects range from the historical to the cute and whimsical.

One of my favorites is Amy's knit pattern for a Marie Antoinette Doll. Marie Antoinette stands waiting in her ballroom, wearing a soft blue gown and topped with a curly powdered wig. The details on the doll include everything you'd expect for a fine lady, right down to her beauty mark!

On the whimsical side, Amy offers an adorable crochet pattern for a garden gnome. This little guy is complete with hat, beard, and even his own little garden! Too cute!

Amy has also recently released her first book of patterns, available on Amazon. Look for Cute Little Animals or visit her Etsy shop today to get started on some really cute amigurumi pals!

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