The kind of Etsy seller I want to be...

Yesterday, I received my order from S. Kate Hutchinson of Spindle Cat Studio and saw just what a long way I have to go before I can call myself a "real" Etsy seller. But, let me start from the beginning...

I discovered Spindle Cat Studio at the end of March. I was working on some amigurumi critters and kept breaking the plastic stitch markers I use to tell me where a round has ended. I was sure that someone on Etsy had experienced the same frustration I had, so I searched on stitch markers to see what was available.

I immediately fell in love with Spindle Cat Studio's knit stitch markers -- they are beautifully crafted from copper which eliminates the whole breaking issue. But there was one problem... the stich markers were meant for knitting needles. As such, you could get them into a crochet work, but you'd have a dickens of a time removing them with the work intact.

I contacted S. Kate with my question and she happily set off designing some removable stitch markers with the same look and feel as the knit stitch markers I liked. She gave me several options (see left) and, long story short, designed the perfect set of crochet stitch markers for me. I also asked S. Kate to create a set of stitch markers for my mom (shhh! don't tell her... it's a surprise!) and they came out beautifully as well.

My order arrived yesterday and the stitch markers were everything I'd hoped and more. S. Kate did a beautiful job packaging the stitch markers in attractive folders with a cute dancing cat on the cover. She also included a business card and button with her store logo. Everything was so professional-looking and I was impressed. I don't imagine that these little extras cost a lot in the grand scheme of things, but they left a lasting impression.

In summary, here's what I've learned from the experience:
  • Willingness to work with customers on unique designs can go a long way on both sides. As the customer, I got the perfect stitch markers. S. Kate benefitted too, as she was able to expand her product offering to the crochet market.
  • It's important to stay in touch with customers. S. Kate convo'd me a total of 8 times as we worked though my order... to offer me different options in the design, show me the final product, and then let me know when my order shipped. The whole way through, I felt special because she was including me during every stage.
  • Attention to details makes the sale memorable. S. Kate's packaging, inclusion of her business card, a copy of the order, and store-logo button and professional presentation make her shop one I will definitely return to in the future.

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