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Customer service is very important to me -- and because of that, I want to make sure that you have different options to purchase your Itsy Bitsy Spider patterns.

The default option on my pattern description pages is a quick and easy Ravelry pattern download. I chose this option because it's cheapest for you and easiest for me. The Ravelry pattern download option takes you directly to PayPal, where you can either sign in with an existing account or pay with a credit/debit card. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an email from Ravelry with a download link for your pattern.

But that's not your only choice. Here are some other ways you can purchase Itsy Bitsy Spider patterns:

Ravelry Shop

By going directly to my Ravelry pattern shop, you can browse other patterns in my collection, use a shopping cart to purchase multiple patterns at the same time, and even purchase patterns from other Ravelry designers. Payment processing is still done through PayPal, as described above. You do need a Ravelry account to use this option, but it's free and easy to sign up.

Etsy Shop

In my Etsy shop, you can also use shopping cart to purchase multiple patterns and shop with multiple sellers. But unlike Ravelry, your pattern will be hand emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase. Etsy also allows you to use a credit card payment without accessing PayPal -- but all this stuff comes with an extra price tag. Because of that, you'll notice that my Etsy pattern prices are $1-2 more than Ravelry. Oh, and Etsy is going to want you to sign up for an account too -- but like Ravelry, it's free and easy!

Craftsy Shop

I'm very excited to have recently joined many knitters and crocheters worldwide in offering my patterns through Craftsy's new pattern web site and app. My Craftsy shop features all of your favorite Itsy Bitsy Spider patterns with the convenience of using your Craftsy account to manage your digital files. Plus you can download the Craftsy pattern app and enjoy shopping wherever you go! The best part about Craftsy is that they do not charge fees for hosting my patterns, so I'm able to offer the same low pattern prices you find on Ravelry and KnitPicks. My Craftsy ID is itybityspider-- hope to see you there!

Knit Picks Shop

Knit Picks is a new venture for me, but I'm kind of excited to see where it's going. My Knit Picks patterns exclusively use Knit Picks yarn, so the benefit of purchasing through this option is that you can purchase the pattern and the yarn all in the same place. Knit Picks pricing is the same as Ravelry and you can use a credit card to make your purchase (sorry, no PayPal). Unfortunately for my international friends, Knit Picks only ships yarn in the US -- hopefully, they will look into worldwide sales soon!

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