Crochet Ear Flap Hat

I've had so many requests for the ear flap hat pattern shown with my free Amigurumi Thing pattern, that I just had to get it written up for all of you.

While the hat is shown here with my new Thing design, it is actually the exact same hat (minus pom-pom) that you have been seeing for some time now on my little pal, Kimchi the Yeti.

The pattern is a free download and can be used for your Things, Yetis, or even the odd Pullip doll. I don't have a Blythe for sizing, but I imagine it could be stretched to fit one of these dolls too. If you try it, let me know!

You can get the free pattern through Ravelry or from the free patterns page here on my website. As always, I'd love to see your finished designs and how you find ways to use this little hat!

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