WIP Anxiety

I joined up on the Crochet Mood Blanket project earlier this year and have been dutifully making my squares. OK, not so dutifully... I get behind -- then I hurry up to catch up, then I get behind again... lather, rinse repeat. In fact, I've notice that I haven't been able to enjoy my other projects quite as much because I'm worried about getting behind on my blanket.


And so, it was through this project that I learned a little something about myself. I have WIP Anxiety.

Unfortunately, I also have a lot of other projects in mind that I want to work on, but instead of that, I've spent the last month making these:

And now that these are all done, and I've laid this out:

... I have a MOUNTAIN of sewing to do. But at least I won't have WIP Anxiety anymore.


  1. Looks like some amazing WIP ... try not to let yourself get pressured by the unfinished stuff. It's all about the process!!

    1. Ha! I'm going to keep repeating that to myself, Kathryn! If you find me rocking in the corner, repeating "it's about the process" over and over, you'll know what happened!

  2. Looks awesome try using single crochet stitch to join that would be quicker than sewing

    1. I kind of wish I *had* used that join, Caitlin. I wanted to try out the invisible join though and now I'm committed to it. I guess I'm just going to have to tough it out!