Bed Monsters?! Help!

My Little Miss IS NOT a morning person. We routinely go through all sorts of gyrations just to get her up on the right side of the bed -- from happy good morning songs to tickles and games. One thing that has always put a smile on her sleepy face is when some strange creature wanders into bed with her and snuggles. It was out of this little play scenario that the Lesser North American Bed Monster was born.

The Lesser North American Bed Monster is a highly specialized beast with a singular appetite for that warm spot in the middle of the bed. Using its highly sensitive tentacles, bed monsters carefully feel their way through the dark under the covers until they find just the right spot.

But the monster’s adaptations to its heat-seeking lifestyle aren’t limited to the tips of its toes... Two horns atop the monster’s head allow it to tent the sheets as it travels, providing ventilation and allowing it to use its large eyes to see in the dim light.

Originally discovered in North America, the bed monster can be found in beds all over the world. So make sure you check under the covers — one of these snuggly characters might be waiting for you!

And good news! Because somehow, despite all the neglected holiday gifts on my list, the Bed Monster pattern is ready -- just in time for you to whip one or two up for a morning person of your very own.

You can get a copy by visiting my Ravelry or Etsy shops (remember -- Etsy costs a little more, but your PDF is hand-delivered to your email account), or as always, I've included an "anonymous" purchase button to get you the hook up without having an account for either.


Now, I'd better go get my holiday hooking on -- or there won't be anything under the tree come Christmas morning! Happy crocheting!

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