Free Pattern: Kawaii Candy Corn

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I mean, forget opening Christmas presents or hunting Easter eggs. I am all about darting through dimly lit streets, creating a legendary sugar high, and playing the occasional good-natured prank.

The other thing I love about Halloween? Candy corns!

Well, that is until I get my hands on the little nuggets o' sugary goodness! You see, inevitably, each year just before Halloween time, I find myself buying several bags of the suckers to satisfy my annual craving. And each year, I consume nearly one entire bag in a single sitting.


Needless to say, I want nothing to do with candy corns after that until the next year, when -- without any shadow of a doubt -- I will repeat the process to the same end.

As a matter of fact, I bought a small bag of candy corns to use as a photo prop for this pattern and proceeded to consume most of them before I even charged my camera battery. You see where this is headed, right? (You'll also see no "real" candy corns in any of my photos -- oops!)

So, the pattern... I haven't done anything exciting, fun, and free for a while -- and since this is my favorite holiday coming up, I figured I was well overdue. The candy corn pattern (which includes both the large and small candy corn instructions) is available as a free Ravelry download. Or you can head straight through and download immediately by clicking here ==> download now

I hope you enjoy these little sweeties... and while you're hooking them up, please try to think happy thoughts of self-control.... there's another bag of candy corns in the kitchen with my name on it!


  1. I hate the way candy corn tastes but I have to admit they are pretty cool looking. These are precious!!!! SH is going to want me to make one =)

  2. So, so cute! Thank you for the free pattern - I'm so making these for Halloween!

    I bought your pumpkin patterns last year, and finally got to finishing them this year lol, I've just written a blog post about it on my blog The Purple Pumpkin, and have mentioned your Etsy store and blog with links to both :)

    I find your patterns so easy to follow, and they always turn out just darling!

    Michelle xoxo