Newest Pattern Release: Mousey Howsee

About a month ago, I dropped a few teasers on Facebook to show off my latest design -- well, my Mousey Howsee pattern is finally ready for prime time!

Let me introduce you to this sweet little gal...

When Mousye Howsee's creater, Lithuanian children's book author Jurga Sakalauskaite, first approached me with the idea of creating an amigurumi character after her herione, I fell in love instantly!

You see, Mousey Howsee has adventure in her blood, plain and simple. This little mouse wants to try all sorts of new things -- and even when her adventues don't turn out the way she planned, she keeps pushing to make everything work out all right.

Her latest story, Mousey Howsee And The Rescuers, is the #1 downloaded eBook in Lithuania and the English translation has been a hit with my own daughter. If you'd like to learn more about that, you can check out Mousey Howsee's own web site, here.

My pattern is suitable for intermediates and would make a great holiday gift -- whether you know Mousey Howsee's story or not (but for those of you who are tech saavy, the doll bundled with an iTunes gift card would make for a sweet treat!)

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop ($5.)) or you can download through Ravelry ($4.00).

Last but not least, I've provided you with a purchase button here -- in case you prefer not to become a member of Etsy or Ravelry.

$4.00 USD


  1. OMG what a cutie....I will have to make this one...just love him. :)

  2. Please help me......im looking for a group to swap squares with. I used to be with one years ago, we swapped two squares with each person on the list and in the end got a beautiful afghan. Weve moved twice since and I cant find my info on the two clubs I was with. Any ideas or Info wud be greatfully appreciated. Thanks, Mama T usmcmom3@gmail.com