Finally... The PUPPY!

Has this whole thing dragged on for nearly a month? Well, yes... I suppose it has. But I hope to be able to tell you that is was well worth the wait. In fact, I hope that you tell me it was well worth the wait, because that adorable puppy you saw my daughter cuddling is finally here!

The pattern is loaded into Ravelry and likewise available for purchase on Etsy. Keep in mind that -- like all my other patterns -- if you purchase on Ravelry, you will receive a discounted price of $3.00 (Etsy is $5.00). I offer the discounted price because it's easier for me to manage sales on Ravelry and it costs less to use that venue. Of course, I am happy to provide patterns through Etsy and will have all purchased patterns emailed within 24 hours.

And, if you prefer to go without creating a Ravelry or Etsy account, you can always purchase my patterns using the Buy Now button!

 Playful Cotton Puppy pattern $3.00

I can't wait to see all your puppies (I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few popping up here and there as we move into the holiday season!)

1 comment:

  1. The playful puppy will be Perfect to give to boys this Christmas. I hope to make a lot of them to take to DEFACS for the kids who go through there during the holidays.

    Love, love, love your patterns!