Get the Angry Birds Pattern Set and Do Some Good

From now through March 27, you have a chance to get the complete set of my Angry Birds patterns and help out a family who has just begun their journey toward international adoption!

Here's the deal. Desiree, Arron and their family are trying to adopt a baby from Ethiopia. As you might know, I have a special place in my heart for international adoption. After all, without this wonderful opportunity, we would not have brought my beautiful daughter into our own family.

I have donated two complete sets of the Angry Birds patterns to the family to help them raise funds for the adoption. These sets are being auctioned off on the family's blog and the price starts at $8 (that's like getting one pattern free!)

Here's what you need to do to place your bid.
  1. Visit either of the two items on Desiree's blog. Here is the first pattern set and here is the second.
  2. Leave your name, email address, and your bid in the comments.
  3. If you win the item, Desiree will contact you via email to arrange payment.
You can read complete rules for the auction and additional instructions here.

And, if you've already purchased your pattern set, there are still some great opportunities to help this family with the enormous costs associated with international adoption. Check out the amazing list of auction items, including jewelry, housewares, art, and children's items here!


  1. Thank you so much! Ironically your shop is my featured item of the day - seriously how funny is that! I love it :)

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