Up next: Angry Birds Bomb Bird!

A lot of folks have been asking whether I plan to do crochet patterns for the entire Angry Birds lineup. So, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at what I've been working on over this past week...

This is what I like to call my "draft" of the bomb bird. I'm not entirely pleased with how the belly patch sits and need to give it another try before I'm ready to make a go at the pattern.

But, belly patch or no - he should be ready for you to start hooking yourself in the next week or so.

After the bomb, I'm planning to move on to the white bird. I do have a couple of special orders that need tending to before I can start the white bird but I'm thinking Mid-March at the latest on that pattern. Then the toucan and maybe on to some pig variations!


  1. I haven't seen this one on the game - I'll have to watch my husband playing it and look out for it!

  2. I think the belly patch looks just fine! Are you planning on doing the big white bird and the green/white bird? There is an Eagle that is being introduced too! I've never played this game but I just love these birds!

  3. Thanks! for your patterns are awesome!! <3 <3 <3