You're my inspiration!

I love getting emails from people who have used my patterns and/or purchased finished items from my shop. The emails are the stuff of inspiration for me -- especially when I receive emails from remarkable people.

Last week, I received a Ravelry message from a fellow blogger and crocheter who goes by the pen name, Purple Photokitty. Purple Photokitty has just embarked on a tough journey and she told me how she's using dust kittens to help inspire her along the way!

To ring in 2011, Purple Photokitty joined Weight Watchers. Her current weight is 116 kgs (that's about 255 lbs, U.S.), so she began by crocheting this very inspiring little dust kitten:

Here's what she had to say about her plans to use dust kittens as inspiration on her weight loss journey:

"I plan to use them to mark my achievements, and each kitty will get smaller when I do. The number stitches at its widest part will equal my weight in kg. I plan on using embroidery, some other amigurumi techniques, and a little bit of creativity to show what each one means to me. i.e. for trying a new veggie, I would have one with that veggie in mini form. Or for losing certain amount of kgs I plan to stitch the lost amount on the kitty. I can only imagine that through the year I will find creative ways to showcase the good, and sometimes hard parts of dieting, but I believe in looking at the positive in life so the kitties for the low points will [also] be encouragement kitties."
This past week's update included Purple Photokitty's latest dust kitten creation -- an inspiring little fellow sporting one rocker shoe and one rocker flip flop to show her newest commitment to exercising!

I've helped cheer my mom through Weight Watchers and I know how hard it can be to lose weight and keep it off. My hat is off to you, Purple Photokitty! And, I hope that these rest of you who read my blog will take few minutes to visit with Purple Photokitty on her blog and help cheer her on.

And last but not least, thanks for sharing your amazing story!

P.S. As always, the dust kitten pattern is available as a Ravelry download for only $2.00

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