A new baby dragon!

I just wrapped up a special order that should be heading to the UK and was so pleased with the final result that I HAD to share. Here is my latest baby dragon!

The requester asked for a red dragon with black spines and grass-green eyes. Of course, Clara at 6060.etsy.com came through for me with the most beautiful hand painted eyes. Aren't they just amazing?

This guy was a little change from my previous dragons. Instead of using Red Heart acrylic yarns, I used a soft yarn (like Caron Simply Soft). It gave the body a beautiful shine and looks more like real scales than the Red Heart. I think this may end up being a permanent change for me!

So welcome to the world, little baby dragon. May all your flights be happy ones.

And for those of you out there looking for a fun winter amigurumi project, the dragon pattern is available in my Ravelry pattern shop for only $4!


  1. It's so great!! You're so talented lady!
    those eyes are amazing!

  2. Awwww, Becky. You're making me blush!

    Have you been working on any of those wonderful afghans you make lately?

  3. I love love love this dragon! That was how I found your blog! I saw the dragon on ravelry and was in love! =)

  4. He is great. The details are wonderful!

  5. That is a lovely little dragon... truly beautiful... don't you find it difficult to part with some of your creations? Especially ones as cute as these?

    (PS) Happy New Year... here's hoping you have a wonderful year ahead.. with much crocheting and crafting. I for one am looking forward to your next CAL... this time I will definitely be a part of it....

  6. very nice,, now he needs a castle to fly over.

  7. Thanks Velma and Ames & Tash for the kind words. You guys keep inspiring me to try new things -- we'll see what comes up next!

    @Cheesy -- I totally have separation anxiety from my creations! I hate sending them off to their new homes. But once in a while I will get a note from the new owner telling me how much they love their new spiderling and it makes everything worthwhile!

    @Amy -- is that an official dare? ;-)