Meet the Designer: AmiEggs

Over the past two crochet-alongs, I've had the opportunity to meet several other amazing designers who, like me, are getting started along the path of selling their own patterns. One of those designers is Clara. Clara is a student, living in Barcelona, and the creator of AmiEggs (http://www.etsy.com/shop/nayami).

I've been chatting with Clara and learning about her, her beginnings in crochet, and her inspirations. Here's what she had to say:

IBS: Where/how did you learn to crochet?

Clara: Around February this year, my best friend one day came up with the idea of learning this thing she'd seen on YouTube called "amigurumi"... and after a few hours of looking puzzled to the hook and yarn and going over and over some videos, we finally managed to make a crochet ball! =D I guess that was the beggining of everything... =P

IBS: What was your first amigurumi project?
Clara: After a couple of failed simple balls, the first success was a brown bear made with Ana Paola's pattern (http://amigurumipatterns.blogspot.com/2008/03/amigurumi-bear-pot-of-honey.html). I have to admit it had a strange shape when it was done, but it is now in hands of someone who really appreciates it =)

IBS: With all the beautiful crochet projects out there, why did you choose amigurumi crochet as your specialty?

Clara: I tried making a hat and a scarf, but it is so much more fun to make cute stuff!!! So I started making toys (I have a collection of amigurumi eggs), and then one day I had the idea of making furniture... and a few patterns later, I still love both!

IBS: What inspires your designs?

Clara: The eggs were actually my sister's idea, and then I get ideas for the different models from everyday life: the food I eat, a movie I see... On the other hand, most of the furniture I have designed has been inspired on existing items on the Facebook game "pet society", which I completely adore for its cuteness =)

IBS: What made you decide to go on to pattern-writing?

Clara: I started making small amigurumi, but when I changed to larger projects like my first armchair, I decided it was too much work to sell made, since I take a couple hours to make each item and I'd have to sell it at high prices I myself wouldn't pay to cover up my costs. That is where the idea of making and selling patterns instead of the finished products came from.

IBS: What is your work area like?

Clara: I actually have little space, so I work in my room. During the summer, I was stuck home because of a leg injury, and sat on the living room table with all the stuff I needed at an arm's reach, but since classes started over again and my leg got better I moved back to my room, and my yarns have to share space in my drawers next to my books and other stuff.

IBS: If you could choose any place in the world to hang out with your hook and yarn and spend a few hours crocheting, where would that be?

Clara: Wow that's a good question... I think I'd chose somewhere quiet and still, like a sunny day in the countryside, leaning against a big tree.

IBS: Tell us about some of your other passions (besides crochet). What do you like to do in your free time?

Clara: I'm a crafty person. I love sewing, and have been making doll clothes for my doll for the last months. I have to admit I almost have no free time, I am still an undergrad student, and I spend most of my time at university, but when I do have some free time I love to meet up with my friends and walk around my beautiful city Barcelona =D

IBS: How do you fit crochet in with the rest of your life?

Clara: I basically crochet as much as I can, specially at night in front of the TV. I'm a nervous person, and I always have so much to do that it is hard for me to sit still in front of the TV without doing anything, so crocheting is perfect for me. The bad side to this is that I've managed to see a whole movie, lift my eyes around the end and not recognize the main character...

IBS: Do you have any advice for new crocheters and budding amigurumi designers?

Clara: Amigurumi is all about the fun it involves. Even if you have never crocheted, try grabbing any yarn you can find lying aroud home (I found some of my mom's old yarns) and a hook, and spend a few hours trying to follow simple tutorials... step by step in a few days you'll manage to do awesome things! As for the designs, I have to admit that even though teddy bears are cute, there are way too many out there... so I'd try to design something completely different from everybody else. Amigurumi offers so many possibilities out there... be creative!!!! =)

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Clara!

Note: To get to know Clara and her work even better, you can also check out her blog (http://ami-eggs.blogspot.com), her Flikr photostream (http://www.flickr.com/photos/clara_amigurumi/), and her Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/amieggs).


  1. Interesting blog post, I've never seen her work before. Love the furniture! Gonna buy a couple of the patterns come payday :)

  2. GP - I think you might be interested to know then that AmiEggs and I are putting together a little pattern giveaway slated to happen sometime here in the near future ;-) Keep your eye on the blog for details!

  3. yey thank you so much for blogging about me!!! I had a lovely time chatting with you! =)

  4. Cutest ami ever! The little furniture is completely amazing!