Getting Ready for the Pumpkin Contest

By Doodles & Cupcakes
So, it's about time we started thinking about the pumpkin contest and I have a few ideas for how this thing is going to go. Of course, you all know that the deadline to have your pumpkin photos loaded to the Flikr group is October 25. For those of you who aren't good with dates -- that's next Monday!

On October 26, I'm going to open the floor for nominations with a blog post. Remember that while you can nominate yourself, you are only allowed to nominate one pumpkin photo! And you need not have participated in the crochet-along in order to nominate -- so, I want to hear from you crochet fans too!

We'll leave the nominations open for a couple days to make sure everyone has a chance to name their favorite and then it's off to the voting!

By Heather
To make the voting interesting for everyone (regardless of skill level), I'm planning on offering three categories for the voting:
  • Most Creative Idea
  • Best Pumpkin Photo
  • Best Pumpkin (overall)
You will be able to vote for your favorite pumpkin in each of these categories, so we should have three very cool winners at the end!

By Micha
So, if you still need to finish up your pumpkin, it's time to get rolling! Don't forget that you can check out the Post Index section on the Pumpkin Patch page to catch up on any lessons you missed!


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  2. These pumpkins are lovely!!!! I love them!!!