Pumpkin Patch CAL Update!

Yowza! I can't believe all the amazing crocheters who have already signed up for the pumpkin crochet-along (CAL)! At this point, we have 73 people signed up, representing 11 different countries -- from the United States to the UK, Norway to China, India, and New Zealand -- just to name a few! I am just BEYOND excited!

That said, there is still time to sign up for the CAL. I'm going to continue accepting sign-ups through September 10. After that, you can still join us, but you will have to purchase a copy of the pattern through Ravelry for $1 US.

Just like with the Great Owl Crochet-Along, I have posted a page on my blog that will contain all the key information about the CAL. You can access it here, or click the Pumpkin Patch tab at the top of the screen (just below my Itsy Bitsy Spider banner). Needless to say, due to the sheer number of participants, it's going to take me a little while o get the list of blogs posted -- but I will get it done! I want all of you to get to know each other as we go through the crochet-along -- that's part of the fun!

One final note before I get back to my crocheting... I've had a lot of people ask the same question when filling out their forms. Namely, what is the whole "fashion show" thing about?

For me, a HUGE part of the fun in designing new patterns is seeing how people make the design their own. It could be by using a different hook or yarn, changing a few rounds of stitches, adding their own special embellishments, you name it. After seeing some of the amazing creativity that came out of the Great Owl Crochet-Along, I decided that one one my goals for this CAL would be to recognize all that amazing talent and creativity. So, here's what I decided to do...

Participants in the Pumpkin Patch Crochet-Along are invited to post pictures of their pumpkins (work-in-process and finished designs) to a special Flikr group. Near the end of October (roughly the 25th), I'll take nominations for best pumpkin from blog readers and CAL participants. We'll finish out the whole CAL by voting for the best pumpkin and the winner will receive a prize!

I hope that clears it all up for everyone and I have to tell you again that I am really, REALLY looking forward to seeing everyone's pumpkins! We truly are going to have the LARGEST virtual pumpkin patch on the web!


  1. *squee!* I am so excited!!!!

    Anita ♥

  2. This is going to be so much fun, seeing everyone's different pumpkins!

  3. I'm having such fun here. I plan to make several pumpkins for a group. I started yesterday, got the pumpkin part made, now have to add the stem.

  4. yayayay! I love your CALs! This one is so exciting...can't wait to get started :D