Feature Friday!

The submissions to The Itsy Bitsy Spider Amigurumi Flikr Group get more amazing every day. If you haven't been to the group photo stream recently, you've GOT to check out some of the new additions!

One of the most amazing pieces in the group, my first feature is knit and crochet version of a Mawlid sugar doll by Hind K. from Egypt. According to Wikipedia, Mawlid is the "observance of the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The term Mawlid is also used in some parts of the world, such as Egypt, as a generic term for the birthday celebrations of other historical religious figures such as Sufi saints."

Hind's description of the doll tells how she used a plastic bottle for shaping (genuis!) and embroidered/crocheted the details to took like the traditional sugar, crepe, and foil decorations found on the actual dolls.

Next up, we have an adorable owl named Percy by Kermsm. I actually received a note yesterday from Kermsm, telling me that she made the owl for her sister's elementary school library. Her sister hosts a night owls program and Percy the owl their new mascot.

As a life-long lover of reading, I'm so touched by Kermsm's use of the owl pattern for such a wonderful cause! What a wonderful and generous gift to that reading program!

Finally, I have another new creation from my blog buddy Heather, in the UK. Heather has been working hard on her new patterns (she also has a cat that I featured last week and a bunny), gtting them ready for her new Etsy shop! I wish Heather all the best on her Etsy venture and just know she'll have tons of sales on her amazing designs!


  1. hi i love Heathers creations also.
    In fact i am testing a pattern for her. It's great to see her featured
    on your blog

  2. Hi Karla, thanks SO much for featuring my alien and for the kind words about my crochet! I had a lovely holiday and am back now ready to get stuck into more crochet. In fact, I made a pumpkin tonight and was super impressed at how quick your pattern worked up! I love it!

    Thanks to Joan (comment above) and Kermsm (also featured with Percy the Owl) my Cat of Great Cuteness pattern is now for sale in my Etsy shop. They both tested the pattern for me and their feedback was really useful. So far it's the only thing for sale in my shop but I will get around to more things soon (in between the kids and the hooping..... I have a hoop performance tomorrow with my fellow Bristol hoopers at a festval, woooo scary but fun!). Anyway, I am waffling, Time for bed me thinks :-)