Mwwah hah ha hah! I've been experimenting!

OK, so it's not really anything that dramatic. But, I got to thinking the other day that asking everyone to use their imagination in the Pumpkin Patch Crochet-Along could mean for a lot of different yarn choices. Now I can never leave well enough alone -- especially when "research" for the CAL could lead me to the yarn store... so off I went to pick up a couple different types of yarns.

The first thing I got into was a super bulky by Lion Brand (Wool-Ease Thick & Quick). Wouldn't you know it, they had the most beautiful shade of orange yarn in -- you guessed it -- "Pumpkin." So, I decided to give the pumpkin #1 pattern a shot with it and see how things came out.

I love a challenge, but the idea of using a G hook (4 mm) is pure madness. Instead, I traded up for a K (6.5 mm). Needless to say that between the hook and the yarn size, this little experiment made for a rather large pumpkin. The photo above shows my "franken-pumpkin" (middle) along with the pumpkin made to the pattern specification.

My next experiment is still in-process and involves Debbie Stoller's new Full o' Sheep wool yarn. This time around, I'm trying for a felted pumpkin! For those who want to know, I selected "Clementine" and "Thyme."

I also modified the pattern a bit (as you can see from the picture) in order to be able to felt the pumpkin fruit without having to stuff it first.

Right now, I'm going with trying to hand felt the pumpkin -- hot water + a scrub brush in the kitchen sink. Although, I may have to just break down and ask my mom to use her washer. My husband and I have one of those high-efficiency deals and once it's locked for a cycle -- that sucker is LOCKED. Needless to say, I have made several TINY felted items with that machine.

If all goes well, I 'll publish the updates out to you as soon as I can.

In the mean time, if you haven't signed up for the crochet-along, there is still time. Check out the Pumpkin Patch tab at the top of the screen (below my banner) or have a look at the introductory post.

And for everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for our first lesson later this week -- I plan to set up up for your weekend shopping with a good old-fashioned materials list!

P.S. I have to apologize for the crummy pictures today. The weather is playing games and just not letting me get any good light from the sun. On the bright side (get it... "bright side?") we may get some storms tonight. I do LOVE a good thunderstorm!


  1. Hey, I'm gonna try felting too, but thinking I'll stuff my pumpkin--I've done one before for a pin cushion. Let us know how felting goes.

  2. I have never tried to felting! I can't wait to see how it turns out!!