Fort F_ _ _ _

There wasn't any crocheting going on this weekend at our house... in fact, there wasn't much of anything going on at all -- except fence sealing and staining.

All things considered, we don't have a very large fence. The entire width of our back yard is 50 feet and the rest of the fence is probably another 50 feet in total. So, 100 feet (30 m) of fence (front and back) didn't seem like too bad a task for me and my husband to conquer ourselves.

So, more than 10 hours and 7 GALLONS (26 liters) of oil-based stain later, we have a stained and sealed fence. And, yes, we did use a paint sprayer... I can only imagine how many hours it would have taken if we had not!

I would sincerely NOT recommend this activity to anyone who wants to be able to move anytime soon afterward. The rest of the weekend was spent pretty much in a stupor with both of us staring at pre-season football games and hoping that Kaia would not try to jump on us too much.

But, with the fence finished and the landscaping nearly in, we are one step closer to having Fort F _ _ _ _ _ completed (if you're wondering "F _ _ _ _ _" would be our last name).

The little green army men are on duty until the evergreens grow up and block some of the view of our back yard from the constant traffic on the road behind our house... maybe I need to create some amigurumi cannons and watch towers to help them secure their position?

Hopefully, there will be some more new crocheting this week -- after all, I promised a pumpkin pattern for a certain crochet-along!

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  1. I can see my husband and son putting up army men on out fence. Great job on the staining!