Did someone say Free?

I've been sick all weekend with a cold (or something equally rotten) and trying to make time pass as quickly as possible. Of course, I hate being idle -- even when I'm sick, so I've been working on a couple of patterns that have been on my desk for a little while.

Coincidentally, I've also been thinking that it's about time to expand my Free Pattern Library, and after looking long and hard at these patterns, I had to admit that these two are great candidates. After all, they're cute... they work up quick... and I think a lot of my blog friends are going to enjoy them... Well, either that, or I've officially had too much cold medicine. I'll let you decide.

I came up with the original Ladybug Cuff Bracelet to keep my daughter entertained on a car trip. The ladybug is removable and the whole thing makes a fun "secret" toy that doubles as an adorable little girl's fashion accessory.

Because the original was designed for my two-year-old, the pattern also includes instructions for creating a version without choking hazards.

After making up the ladybug pattern for girls, I got to feeling bad for the boys. After all, it's not just girls who love to have secret toys -- so I made up a second version for boys (and girl turtle lovers). So, here you have the Turtle Cuff Bracelet...

I'd love to hear what you think about these patterns. Happy crocheting!


  1. oh my, they are just too cute for words. I love them. :)

  2. I agree with Marie, they are too cute!!!! I am going to have to make one of each for my niece..hehehehe

    Thanks for sharing the patterns friend!

  3. Very dang cute!!Thanks for sharing,Amy

  4. These are lovely and I will definitely be making some. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern! I hope you are feeling better now. x

  5. Thanks for the kind comments, all! I'm back on track - but ugh! now I have to catch up with all the things I let go while I was sick!

    If you do make any of the cuff bracelets, I'd love to see how they turn out!