Meet Sara and her kooky creature!

I love learning about how other people come up with their crochet designs and Sara (Kermsm70) no exception.

I met Sara through The Great Owl Crochet-Along, and when she contacted me the other day to tell me about her latest creation, I knew I wanted to share it with all of you. So, meet Sara's creature....

And here's what Sara had to say about her creation...

IBS: How did you come up with this design?

Sara: I made smaller monsters for my classroom this year. Little heads for Halloween to give to my students. I knew then I wanted to do something with a body but just didn't take the time. So when summer started, I dug though patterns but couldn't really find one that worked for what I wanted.

I started with the head, just adding increases where I thought the mouth should be. I modified a body from roxycraft.com to get the legs and belly the way I wanted them.

IBS: How did you choose the colors?

Sara: I just choose yarn that I like. I like varigated yarns, but my sister says I need to work with more solids. I loved worsted weight yarns, and Red Heart is just a great yarn for creatures.

IBS: Is that a little rain drop on his belly? It's super cute!

Sara: The symbol on his belly can be whatever anyone wants it to be, I just knew he needed something else.

IBS: How did you come up with the hair?

Sara: Well, I backstitched across the head to give me a base, then slip stitched into that and then single crocheted until I got the height I wanted. I was trying for spikes when I got the loops, but decided they sort of fit him. I wish now I had thought to write down exactly what I was doing but didn't so he will be one of a kind.

Now, for the BEST PART of this post.... (not that the interview wasn't really awesome!) You can WIN Sara's creature!!! Just visit Sara's blog, Bouncing Off Yarn Walls, for details on what you need to do to take this little cutie home with you! And, good luck!

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  1. Karla, thank you so much. I just love the crochet blog community because everyone is so nice and excited about everyone else's work!!

  2. very nice creature.I am sorry I have not been to visit in awhile.Thanks for sharing,Amy

  3. Sara -- it was a pleasure! I love seeing how people create their own crochet styles and can't wait to see what's going to come off your hook next!

    Amy -- I've missed seeing you around! It's so nice to have to back in the blog-o-sphere!