Great Owl Grochet-Along - My Finished Owls

I finally got the pictures of my finished owls together for you. If you remember from the earlier lessons, I was working on four different owls, using different yarns and trying some new things as I went.

The owl that you're probably most familiar with is Big Red, pictured below on the right. To make Big Red, I followed the pattern exactly -- with two exceptions. I used worsted weight yarn instead of sport weight and a G (4 mm) hook. I chose to do this in order to make it a little bit easier to show what I was doing in the lesson pictures.

The little gray owl on the left uses sport weight acrylic yarn on the body and a worsted weight wool yarn for the white accents. I wanted to show here that you can use different weight yarns together successfully -- as long as you keep your gauge consistent. On an interesting note -- even though Big Red is sitting up a little higher than her gray friend, you can easily see a size difference between the two owls.

The tan owl is made exactly to the pattern. I used Red Heart Designer Sport yarns for all of the pieces and a size E (3.5 mm) hook.

The blue owl was my "fun" owl. He's made with worsted weight yarn and a size E (3.5 mm) hook. By comparison, he's definitely smaller than Big Red and seems to have more in common size-wise with his sport-weight cousins. While working on Little Boy Blue, I decided to try embroidering some feathers onto the belly patch. The texture was inspired by one of the Harley & Boss Owlets. Like the gray owl, Little Boy Blue uses plastic safety eyes instead of the embroidered alternative. Blue's eyes are 9 mm translucent owl eyes that I purchased from 6060 and the eyes on the gray owl are the same in a 12 mm size.

For details on the yarns used on each of the owls, please visit my Ravelry notebook.  Each of the owls is listed separately.


  1. I must say the little blue owl is my favourite. I love the way he has little star's around his eyes ^_^.

  2. LOL, Liz.. it's probably pretty obvious that Little Boy Blue was my favorite too. My husband's favorite color is blue and I think this one is destined to be a birthday git for him :-)

  3. I love big red. :)
    ah, sad to say, I haven't worked on my owl in a few days.. :/ shame on me. lol

  4. these are awesome!! I am so behind with crocheting these days. You are so amazingly talented!

  5. Steph & Katie -- it's always so hard to motivate yourself to work with yarn when it's 90 degrees outside :-) I'm sure you'll be back to your crochet when it's cooler!

  6. Hi Karla, Big Red is settling in nicely here in the UK, I have posted a few pics to my brand new blog http://thehappyhoopywooljunkie.blogspot.com/ xxx

  7. Love these owls and was disappointed miss out on the CAL. I have bought your pattern from Ravelry though and made a couple for my Fall decorations! http://elfluvsdwarf.blogspot.com/2010/10/flock-of-owls-for-fall.html