Color My Monday... Green

I've actually found coloring my Monday green to be more difficult than coloring my Monday orange -- there just isn't much green in my house and right now, the garden is mostly brown from lack of rain! So this week, I decided to go the route of inspiration.

As you know, I'm a proud member of the Etsy Plush Team and I draw a lot of inspiration from this amazing group of gifted artists and makers. Today, I'm going to share with you some of their inspiring and beautiful work -- I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I'll start the tour with one of my favorites -- Abbydid. I've had a huge "plush crush" on Abby's work as long as I've known her and personally own several of her pieces. Scraggidy (shown here) is currently available in her shop and causing me all kinds of fits of temptation!

Next up, the always awesome and somewhat strange work of Love and a Sandwich. I'm not sure where she got the inspiration for these zombie ice cream bunnies -- and perhaps it's better if I don't know...

I also find that I'm strangely drawn to the work of Mary Casher of Leftz. The coolest thing about Mary's work is that they are green -- both inside and out! Each of her plushies is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. And, as you can see here with Jackson the Parrot, she has the stuffing down to a science -- no bunching, bumps, or bulges!

I'll feature just one more plush maker today -- Moon's Creations. I'm always in awe of this lady because she produces more Moon Buns than what seems humanly possible. Never mind the fact that each Moon Bun is perfectly detailed and just as huggable as the last.

By the way, did you know that you can win this very Moon Bun in the Plush Team July Giveaway?

And now, on to some guest images that I received for this week's Color My Monday...

I love saving my guest photos for last because they really are the images that stick with me through the week and color MY Monday. This week, I have some more images submitted by Hind (of Egypt). The photos were all taken by Hind's daughter Butheina, who is an art teacher and amateur photographer. The first photo was taken in the Shallaat gardens, a public park in Alexandria. 

Next is a rural scene showing a water-wheel that is used to irrigate the fields.

Finally (and I think this one is my favorite), a row of water jugs made of unglazed pottery to cool the water. According to Hind, some of the water goes through the pores of the jug and evaporates from outside, causing the water inside to become pleasantly cool. The green wooden shelf on which they stand has holes to keep the jugs from falling -- that is why the seem shorter than they actually are.

Happy Monday to everyone and thank you once again Hind for helping my to color my Monday a little brighter! I hope you'll all be able to help me Color My Monday Purple next time by sending me a glimpse of your world. Send an email with photo attached to ibscrochet@gmail.com with the subject "Purple."

For additional information on participating in Color My Mondays, see the original post.

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  1. Aw, Scraggidy love you, too, Karla! Thanks for including me in your blog post. I'm in such good company:)