Yarn A*L*E*R*T!

So, many of you know that Red Heart Designer Sport is one of my favorite yarns for amigurumi. Well, I was out at my local craft store (give it up for Pat Cantan's!) and they had Red Heart Designer Sport on clearance for $1.50! The stuff is usually $3.97 a ball, so I snatched up what I could of the colors I use.

Unfortunately, because of the clearance, they didn't have the one color I needed at Pat Catan's, so I headed over to Jo-Ann's to get it there. And sure enough... Jo-Ann's had it on clearance too! The price wasn't quite as good ($1.97), but it was still only half what I usually pay. I got the LAST skein in the color I needed and picked up a few more colors that I didn't need as well.

From what I've read on the interwebs, Michael's also has Red Heart Designer Sport on clearance, so I'm going to have to head over there tomorrow (even though I loathe Michael's).

I hope this little heads up comes out to all my readers in time to grab up some of this great yarn at an awesome price -- and if anyone knows why Red Heart Designer Sport seems to be going on clearance everywhere, please give me a shout. I really really really hope it's not because it's going to be discontinued!


  1. That's a good deal! I'll have to check out my local stores as well. Looks like Herrschners and Jo-Ann sells Red Heart Designer Sport for $2.99 regularly online.

    Just found this: a 20% off coupon to Michael's http://mic.michaels.com/20100627OnlineADVUSCANStatic.aspx Can't use it on clearance, but you might could use it on something else. :)

    Happy shopping!

  2. Nice! Btw, I got the little owl! I love him! But don't worry, He's not the blue one, He's the light tan colored one! ;) He's too cute.
    thanks so much! xoxo, Katie

  3. @elf ♥ dwarf -- Thanks so much for the coupon! You rock!

    @katiebug92 -- So happy to hear that your little owl landed! I just love all of mine, but the light tan one is one of the cutest! Enjoy!!