Color My Mondays

There have been a lot of things changing with my blog... Mostly it's because my hands are too sore from an arthritis flare to crochet right now, but I still NEED to create somehow. If you've been checking in, you've seen some new pages, a new banner, and even a blog badge. I've also been thinking on some new regular features -- the first one of them is Color My Mondays.

I'm going to start with every other week for now and see how things go. My goal is to share some parts of my world with you using the theme of one of my favorite things in the world -- color. And, I hope you'll be able to share with me too.

LANA Superwash in Mermaid by TraciKnits

Color is one of the main reasons that I continue buying new yarns. I could just drink in all the colors and never crochet a thing -- but guilt compels me to do something productive with them ;-)

So, here's how Color My Monday works... every other Monday (starting tomorrow) I'm going to post some images of my world based on a selected color. At the end of that post, I'll give you the color for the next Color My Monday -- and you can help me to color the blog world with all of the beautiful colors around you. Just email me a picture from your world containing the color at ibscrochet@gmail.com. It can be anything you want -- just as long as the color of the post is included.

I do have one little rule -- let's keep the pictures PG rated or lower. I have a little one and I know many of you do to so let's be respectful of the families out there!


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  2. Sonya -- thank you so much for your encouragement. The support I get from my friends (blog buddies and otherwise) is one big reason I haven't gone through the roof some days.

    I can't wait to see what is going to turn up for color My Mondays -- I think this is going to be a really fun experiment!