Color My Monday... Orange

I often take my inspiration for new amigurumi patterns from toys that I see in stores or remember having as a child, so I thought a fun theme for today's Color My Monday would be toys. These are just a few of the toys in my daughter's VAST collection...

The little crab is part of a tub set. All of the animals link together and squirt. Needless to say, I've had a lot of fun with the squirt part -- paybacks are gonna be rough!

My daughter loves puppets, so when she received this Boris book from my sister-in-law over the weekend, she was delighted. Needless to say, we have already read about Boris more than a few times. The sweet little lion is from a set of animals that you can throw into a little plush basketball hoop. We got the set for her last winter so that she and my husband would have something to do together while he was watching the Cavs play. We weren't nearly as disappointed in the toy as we were in our basketball team!

The last toy is from a cutting food set that my daughter received as a gift. The pieces are Velcro-ed together and kids can pretend to cut them apart with the little wooden knife. The set includes several pieces of fruit (including the orange shown) and a baguette. It also included the strange half hamburger thingie on the right. We don't know what is is but would love to hear your guesses!

My last image in orange has been my special companion for thirteen years -- my fat, orange, tabby, Sebastian.

Even though he pees in my laundry, demands water EVERY time I'm near the sink, and has ruined more furniture than I care to think about, I love this old pussy-cat. How could you not?

And now, on to some guest images that I received for this week's Color My Monday...

Many of you have already met Hind from Egypt through her beautiful owl story. In addition to the generous gift of story, Hind has sent along a few beautiful images from her country. I hope you'll find them as breathtaking as I do!

The butterfly and the orange flower are from Hind's sister's garden in Mariuot, near Alexandria. The other two photos were taken on a trip to Cairo. One shows the entrance of an ancient mosque, which was recently restored. The other shows the artistic Arabesque wood work inside the mosque.

Happy Monday to everyone and thank you Hind for helping my to color my Monday a little brighter! I hope you'll all be able to help me Color My Monday Green next time by sending me a glimpse of your world. Send an email with photo attached to ibscrochet@gmail.com with the subject "Green."

For additional information on participating in Color My Mondays, see the original post.


  1. "Color my Mondays" is such a fun idea. I struck out on the first week though....i honestly have nothing orange in my whole house!! Not even an orange! I'm starting now looking for green so I will hopefully be "in" for next time! =)

  2. You're so right, Sonya! For TWO WEEKS I scoured the house looking for orange :-)

  3. love your color me monday's, you have such great information. thank you... :)

  4. Thank you, Marie! Maybe you have some green around to help color the next Monday? :-)

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