Hi there. What's up *WIP* you?

Ok... I deserve to be locked up for that one... sorry. I just love some good word play now and then. for those of you knot in the know (yeah, someone just smack me now), WIP is short for "work-in-process." In fact, the only reason I know what the abbreviations stands for is because I used to work for a large manufacturing company. While parts were out in the shop for manufacture/assembly, they were always called "WIP."

All puns and word play aside, I have been working on some fun WIP this week. Granted, I had to get a few special orders out early (including a pair of dust kittens that were so mind meltingly cute I wanted to keep them for myself).

But now, it's ME time. I have a nice collection of granny squares now from the Great Granny Swap hosted by Amber Cox over at Hoot-N-Annie and I've felt inspired to do something with them... but the question is... what? Here's what I have so far.... maybe you can guess!

Need another hint?

If that's not enough to guess, you're going to just have to wait to see the finished work!

Meanwhile, as I've been up in the craft room hooking away on my project, I noticed a scuffle outside the window. When I looked outside, guess what I saw? Ok, ok... no more guessing for today... here she is:

It appears that a mother dove has set up housekeeping in the downspout outside my window. It's so amazing to watch her (among my collection of amigurumi doves, LOL) and think about the little ones a-comin'. But there are supposed to be thunderstorms tomorrow and I'm more than a bit worried for her nest location. Here's hoping that all goes well!

All right, break time is over -- it's time to gt back to that WIP!


  1. :) you're silly! I have a zillion WIPs - they will be that way for a very long time!
    I love those lil kitty - crocheted Mickey is still better ;)
    Are you making purses?

  2. are you working on a book cover,pillow case or a needle case holder?

  3. Not quite -- either of you -- but Becky is closest :-)