Another great time at Oddmall!

The smoke is starting to clear now that Oddmall is behind us, but I still wanted to tell everyone what a great time we had! The Etsy Plush Team was represented well by me, Abbydid, and YummyPancake... and guess what? All of us are already signed up to be there this November for the holiday Oddmall!

I'll be starting my week  by cleaning my house somewhat (I don't even want to admit the last time I did that -- but let's just say that my dust kittens have had plenty of friends). Then, it's off to work on some special orders I received at the show! All the while, I'll be posting new listings on my Etsy shop -- I've got monkeys, a couple fairy hideaways, doves, owllets, toads and more! With all the photo editing I need to do, I have a feeling that it's going to take the better part of the week to get everything posted, so please do bear with me!

If you want to get the latest on my new listings, stop on by my Facebook page and sign up as a fan. I'll do my best to make sure all the new listings get announced there so you won't miss a thing!

To everyone who came out and saw me at this Oddmall, a really big thank you! You really made the show special for me! And for everyone, keep your eyes peeled for details on the November 2010 Oddmall. It'll be some holiday shopping that you DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

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  1. Look at you!!! I love it! I love those dragon puppets!!!