Itsy Bitsy Spider Monkeys

Well, I'm finally happy with the design for my "new" monkeys and have been happily cranking the little suckers out as fast as I can. Here's a sneak preview:

So far, I've done these four plus monkeys in purple, persimmon, and gray. I went a little berserk with the 25% off yarn sale at Jo-Ann.com too so I've got a rainbow of other colors on the way. Can't wait to get my grimy mitts into all those colors!

If the sunshine cooperates, my goal is to have a few of the monkeys in my shop this weekend. So, keep an eye on the shop or my Facebook page to learn the latest!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love them! I cannot imagine what your work area looks like lol yarn hanging from the ceiling, yarn everywhere! You should take a picture one day :)

  2. Too cute.

    They always get me with the % off sales!

  3. LOL, Becky... it's actually a lot more tame than you're imagining. I have a lot of yarn, but I'm also pretty obsessive compulsive about keeping my stash tidy. Check it out... this is just my purples and blues ==> http://www.flickr.com/photos/37539972@N06/4371131168/

  4. Oh wow lol you are obsessive compulsive :) but I love it!!! I WISH I was even half that! I'm a mess!