Great Granny Swap: Days 9 and 10

It just wouldn't be a "Great Granny Swap" without the classic granny squares. So, for days 9 and 10, I got back to basics and put together some traditional grannies. I was almost at the ends of my vintage yarn balls, so I decided to go for broke with the colors. Here's day 9 with that eye-popping vintage tangerine from Zayre's, along with some vintage fluorescent orange and pink:

One of my favorite things about granny squares is mixing and matching the different colors. So for day 10, I put together some four-patch squares. I love how the black border really makes them pop! I put them together here with my squares from day 1:

I'm almost sad to be sending these pretties away. I can think of so many fun motifs to play with and have been building full-scale afghans in my mind. I guess the good thing is that I'm going to get a bunch of awesome grannies in return from a really great group of people!

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