Great Granny Square Swap: Day 2

The frilly granny square pattern I found on the Crochet Mania blog seemed like a perfect next step for my contribution to the Great Granny Square Swap, so I started working on a pair of these squares yesterday afternoon. Let me be the first to warn you -- this pattern is not for the faint at heart!

In round 3 (where the frill is added), you end up working in both rounds AND rows. I took pictures of my work as I went to give you a feel for the progress. This is round 3 before the first turn.

Then, you chain 7 and turn...

Connect your yarn with a single crochet, chain 7 again, connect, and turn.

And finally, work your way back while making a picot edge.

I'm thinking of re-writing this pattern based on my recent experiences to make it a little easier for beginners to understand and hope to make it available to everyone in the swap!

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