Where have YOU been?

Hello! I wanted to let everyone know that I did not drop off the face of the planet -- I've just been very busy doing a little quality volunteer work for my friends on the Etsy Plush Team. First and foremost, I've been helping them out with their blog. We're doing a big redesign to make it easier for readers to follow and find great plush items. I've also been working on putting together an editorial staff who will be keeping content new and fresh with some great regular "columns" and plenty of new features. It's all been pretty exciting, but the unfortunate side is that while I've been helping out the team, my own blog has been neglected a bit.

Things are starting to settle in with the Plush Team editorial staff so I think that will soon be ready to run itself. and after a few more tweaks to the cascading style sheet, I should be ready to implement the redesign for the blog. Then, I'll be back. I promise!

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