It's not just about stuffing dolls anymore


A few weeks ago, my husband and I were watching Guy's Big Bite and we saw his Knot for Nuthin, Everything Pretzel recipe. I'm a huge pretzel lover and the hubby and I decided we had to try Guy's pretzels that very weekend. The recipe made 12 big pretzels and with a little help from my brother, we ate 8 right out of the oven.

Now anyone who knows my husband also knows he likes to tweak recipes, and the tweaking of the pretzel recipe began about 1 minute after the first bite touched his lips. For one, we're trying to get our picky 2-year-old to eat more variety and my husband suggested using the pretzels as a delivery method. After all, she seemed to really enjoy them.

We decided to stuff our next batch with pepperoni (for the little one) and in a few special pretzels (designated for my husband only) we added jalapenos. Let's just say that the stuffed batch was even better than the first! 

So, I know... it's an amigurumi blog, but this is a recipe I just had to share. Enjoy!

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