Mail Bag: The Healing Powers of Fuzzy Whazzits

Sadie, originally uploaded by The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Having been on the topic of the healing power of crafting, I thought it was very timely when I received the following message a few days ago. The writer really touched my heart and I wanted to share with all of you.
I want to thank you for creating the Fuzzy Whazzits. A month ago I got sick and required daily trips to the hospital for care, even weekends and holiday, really sucked. They recommended I bring something that I could focus on during my visits and I choose to bring your fuzzy whazzit. He was a convenient size for travel and pretty darn cute! Several of the nurses fell in love with him, one even offered to by him from me! I'm all better now, but I wanted to thank you for designing the little fellow.
The writer is also a crafter and she has made several of my patterns -- and she asked when I'm going to publish my Fuzzy Whazzit pattern.

My background is in technical writing. For those of you who don't know what that is, technical writers develop instructional documents such as manuals and computer help files. Many professional technical writers also work with scientists and researchers to help them communicate their findings in a way that readers with less expertise will understand.

That being said, I have an admission to make. I have been procrastinating writing the Fuzzy Whazzit pattern because I don't know how to explain the steps where I attach the ears to the body. Pretty embarrassing, huh?

But I've made up my mind that I have to try... so after I finish this current round of special orders, I'm going to get to work on my Fuzzy Whazzit pattern. I figure that if I tell you all publicly on my blog, then I'll have to to it. So, for me and the person who wrote the kind note about the healing power of her Fuzzy Whazzit, I'm asking you all to keep me honest and keep asking how the pattern is coming along!

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