"Tickled Pink"

Recently, I added a few items to my shop that were hand made by my mom, Tosia. We have had an overwhelming amount of interest, and my mom is just tickled pink.

Usually this kind of thing goes the other way around, so you might find it kind of funny to learn that I taught my mom to crochet a few years ago. Since then, she has never looked back. She loves learning a new pattern and then making that same pattern over and over (and over) again with different colors and textures of yarn. By Christmas each year, she usually has a big tub full of her creations that she ends up giving away as gifts.

Needless to say, everyone I know has a lifetime supply of doilies, towels that hang from your kitchen stove/refrigerator handles, and purses. Yet she keeps making the things! So, we decided to test them with The Itsy Bitsy Spider fans and see how things went.

Her first batch of purses was listed on Monday and sold out by Wednesday night. She's also sold a few of her holiday poinsettia brooches. We'll be adding more purses and brooches as soon as I can get them photographed, but in the mean time, I wanted to thank you for your support with this little side project. My mom does beautiful work, but she's never been very confident with her talent. This week's response has got her beaming with pride and seriously considering her own Etsy shop!

So, thank you again and keep your eyes peeled for more creations by Tosia!

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