Am I ready for this?

It's the day before my first show and Kaia has graciously decided to sleep a little later than usual. So, I find myself with my morning coffee and a few extra minutes to mull over the frenzy of the past month. And of course, the number one question on my mind is "am I ready for this?"

I have plenty of inventory... I think. Although I would like to have some more variety, I think I'm going to be able to put up an attractive table with enough to look at. Those of you who've been watching my Facebook page already know that I have close to 50 Fuzzy Whazzits ready. I also have lots of Dust Kittens, Lil' Hoots, Frogs, Fairy Hideaways and the remaining Drinkin' Bunny/Java Monkey inventory that expired in my shop.

I also have a ton of swag. In all the years since I was a technical writer for Parker Hannifin, I had forgotten how much I enjoy making swag. I've spent the last week working on magnets, stickers, signs... the works. Some of it will be true "swag" -- I'll hand it out for free. The other things I'm planning on offering as an incentive to buy multiple items from my table.

As for the table itself, I have my table cloth ready and some crates and baskets to add depth and visual interest. I also picked up some cute spider stuff with the recent Halloween holiday.

My books are ready to be kept... well, as much as my books are ever going to be ready -- LOL. I have inventory spreadsheets. I got change. I'm even taking my laptop so that I can let people pay at the show with PayPal.

So, why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?


  1. Sounds like you're set to me! I'm super excited for you! I hope it goes really well! Please post pictures of your table - the setup sounds like it's going to be awesome!! And you are also quite awesome. ~;o)

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! I want a fuzzy whazzit now so I can make the map!! :)
    bring lots of business cards! Oh and you should take mini Mickey pictures to impress people ;)

    have tons of fun!! Take pictures too!!