Meet the New Whazzits!

Last night I listed the latest batch of fuzzy whazzits in the shop, so it's time for another meet and greet!

Norman - A Fuzzy Whazzit Who Likes to Laugh
Likes: Jokes, Comedy
Dislikes: Drama

Norman is always on the lookout for new jokes. Know any good ones?

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Sadie - A Sweet Fuzzy Whazzit
Likes: Housework
Dislikes: Mean People

Sadie would make a great thank you for a special person, or her good deeds could help lift the spirits of a friend who's got too much on their plate.

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Butch - A Fuzzy Whazzit Tough Guy
Likes: Scary Movies
Dislikes: Bullies

Trust Butch to keep an eye on the monsters under the bed and stand up to bullies. He's a tough guy, but he has a heart of gold!

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Ruby - A Fuzzy Whazzit Diva
Likes: Shopping
Dislikes: Old Clothes

Ruby loves shiny and new -- especially when it's expensive! Take her on your next shopping spree!

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Hunter - A Gloomy Fuzzy Whazzit
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Everything

Hunter needs someone special to show him the silver lining to all the rain clouds in his head. Is that you?

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