Math is hard...

I've always been one of those right-brained creative types and I have no trouble admitting that I SUCK AT MATH. That being said, I'm in the middle of my latest new pattern (see "The Tree!") and I'm starting to wish I had better math skills.

Row 6... 32 stitches. Row 7, 3 decreases...29 stitches, right? So how come when I count the stitches in row 7, I have 30?! Ugh.

I fought with the math and the stitch counts all afternoon and finally decided to chart the pattern. The charts work out just right, but now the pattern no longer matches my example. Sigh... looks like I'm going to have to make up another tree and go through the pattern testing process all over again.

My inner obsessive-compulsive just won't let me publish a new pattern until I'm sure everything matches, so the tree might be a little longer in the coming than I expected. But I promise to have it all work out for you.  All right, back to counting...

Oh, and while I'm counting, here's a great right-brain, left-brain test. It's very thorough and has a really great analysis. Which one are you?


  1. I am good at math, but I have the same problem as you when trying to figure out decreases and increases. If I go with my first 'answer' rather than over thinking it, I usually do better.
    BTW, I took the fun quiz and I'm 'right brained'!

  2. Gut feeling is usually what gets me into trouble with math.. LOL. Happily, I just finished re-working the tree and I think it's gonna come out all right. Yay!!!

  3. I suck at math as well, (I am very right-brained as well), but my husband of 17 years is excellent at math, so I have my own personal math tutor! :)