Free Pattern Sunday: Beary Jackson by Rheatheylia

Beary Jackson has very quickly moved to the top of my favorite free patterns list. The finished amigurumi came out super cute and there's LOTS of room for fun personalization.

With the evenings getting cooler and the leaves starting to turn, I decided to make my first Beary Jackson with a Halloween theme. I went with orange yarn for the body, 9 mm doll eyes, and a small piece of felt for the nose. To "spook out" my Beary, I also added a set of felt bat wings.

The pattern is relatively easy, with the exception of a few counting errors in the arms and legs. For example, round 5 of the arms tells you to decrease every 4th sc to end up with 9 stitches. That makes for 2 decreases and 8 stitches with a total of 10 in the round. Instead, you need to decrease every 3rd stitch (3 decreases and 6 stitches, for a total of 9).

When it's all said and done, you can follow the pattern almost exactly from the web site where it's posted, if you substitute the following lines:

  • Round 5: Dec every 3rd sc (9)
  • Round 7: 3 sc, decr, 2 sc, decr (7)

  • Round 7: 4 sc, decr, 4 sc, decr, 4 sc (14)
  • Round 9: 3 sc, decr, 3 sc, decr, 2 sc, decr (11)
  • Round 12: 2 sc, decr, 2 sc, decr, 1 sc, decr (8)
Rheatheylia offers Beary Jackson and several other cute patterns for free (including a bunny, a penguin, and some very sexy leg warmers), but she does have some rules about reprinting the patterns and selling the finished works, so make sure you check out the fine print at the end of each pattern. And thanks, Rheatheylia for some great patterns!


  1. So cute! I'm a halloween gal for sure!

  2. Becky, I probably could-of guessed that about you ;-)

  3. Love the Halloweeny beary, and your witchy beary too, so cute! Fixed the pattern, thanks for the corrections!
    ~Sarah (Rheatheylia)