Just in time for my favorite holiday!

As the summer starts to draw to a close, and I start seeing "back to school" sales and signs, I always start getting excited for my favorite holiday... Halloween!

Sure, lots of people think Christmas is waaay better. After all, who can argue with a bunch of presents? But there's just something about the crisp autumn air and a blank check to eat as much candy in one night as you possibly can.

In anticipation of Halloween, I'm starting to work on some Halloween-themed amigurumi and I'm happy to introduce my first: The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

I have already posted the pattern on Ravelry for just $1.00 and will be working on a few of these creepy friends to sell in my Etsy shop.

The pattern uses the brushed crochet technique that I recently learned and has some instructions to make a fuzzy work of your own. If you're a crochetter and you'd like to get your own copy of the Itsy Bitsy Spider pattern, here's the link:

Right now, I have a bit of purple yarn left over and will probably be starting another purple spider next. But, what do you all think about other Halloween colors for spiders -- like orange, green, and black?

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