Free Pattern Sunday

Pattern: Amigurumi Penguin by Lion Brand
Skill Level: Easy
Frequency: Fairly common in Etsy and Artfire shops (priced $5-9 USD)

There are just so many great free patterns available online that I thought I'd start a new feature showing off a free pattern each Sunday. I'm starting today with a free pattern that seems to turn up pretty frequently in Etsy shops -- In fact, I've sold a few of these myself! It's the Lion Brand Amigurumi Penguin Pattern!

What's great about this pattern is that is a nice easy way to get into making amigurumi. Most of the pieces for the penguin are circles or spheres and you only need three colors of yarn to make one. This pattern also lends itself to creatively using colors, as seen in the sample here from AllAboutKendra's shop:

I've also seen a few folks who have taken the Lion Brand pattern and developed their own look for the amigurumi penguin. For example, this penguin, created by HamAndEggs has flatter feet and a fuzzy crown:

If you're not the penguin type, another idea for this pattern is to change up the colors and make a different kind of bird entirely. For example, I used the same pattern with some different yarn colors to create Bob the Robin and Belle the Sparrow. Belle is currently living happily with the designer of LawnFawnCards, but Bob is still available at my shop!

Bob the Robin

Belle the Sparrow

The moral on this story is just because the pattern designer has published the pattern in a certain way doesn't mean you can't make it your own -- just always remember to give credit where credit is due and don't pass off modified patterns as your own design! Also, read the entire pattern carefully before making anyone else's design for sale -- some designers state clearly that patterns are for individual use only and you must respect that!

If you have made this pattern or plan to complete an amigurumi penguin of your own, I would love to see your photos and get your feedback! You can e-mail to ibscrochet@gmail.com or add to the comments section for this post!

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