Finally, I got to try out brushed crochet!

Last night, I put together my first brushed crochet amigurumi and absolutely LOVE the technique! I made up this little fuzzy whazzit with soft alpaca yarn and I can't wait to start making some more of these little cuties!!

I also tried the technique out on a more traditional amigurumi lion to give him a fuzzy mane. Check it out!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how this technique worked out -- or see your pictures if you've gotten a chance to try it yourself. Now, I'm off to play with some more brushed crochet!


  1. I love your fuzzy whazzit. It is really adorable.

  2. JB - Thanks for your kind words! It turns out that the fuzzy whazzits are really addictive to make too. As soon as I finished tweaking, I'm going to get the pattern out for others to try!

  3. I love the idea of brushed crochet--your fuzzy critter is so cute!