Count 'n' Colors Amigurumi Cupcakes

After watching my 16 month-old daughter play with her own amigurumi cupcakes, I got the idea to make these little sweeties a bit more educational. A bag full of brightly-colored yarn and a few days later, I have my first set of Count 'n' Colors cupcakes!

The difference between these cupcakes and the ones I have been making is that the embellishments on all of these cupcakes are hand embroidered with yarn so there are no "choke-able items." There are six cupcakes in the set -- one for each color in the rainbow. And, they come with a rainbow storage sack to that you can pack up your cupcakes to play at nana and grandpap's house.

Right now, my little one mostly enjoys putting the cupcakes in and taking them out of the bag, but I can picture us growing into colors, counting, and even some simple math.

I have my first set already listed on Etsy. Check it out and tell me what you think!


  1. I'm at my moms house now and I got to see the real thing - it is SUPER cute! My mom is looking forward to using it in her classroom next year!

  2. I was hoping the cupcakes would find their way into a classroom! I can't wait to hear how they work out!