Colorful Inspiration

Earlier this week, I packed up Gulliver the tree frog to travel to his new home in California and was remembering how much I enjoyed working on this pattern. The original tree frog pattern came as a freebie from Lion Brand (see Twiggy the Tree Frog), but I modified it quite a bit to get Gulliver. For example, I didn't like the way the feet turned out in the Lion Brand pattern. By following the pattern, each toe ended up being the same size as the frog's wrist/ankle! I don't have any pictures, but just believe me when I say it looked really weird.

I've spent the last couple days researching some different colors (mostly poison dart frogs) and I think I've come up with a colorful challenge for myself. I'm going to use the same basic pattern as Gulliver, but with some new colors. Here are the frogs I've picked out:

I already finished one of the frogs and I'm pretty happy with it. But, you're going to have to wait until all three are finished before I unveil the result. At this point, I think the last frog is going to be the most difficult!

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