Artist Showcase: Hansigurumi

One of my guilty pleasures is browsing other people's amigurumi creations. I love seeing what inspires other artists and how they add their own unique touches to their creations.

One artist who has been in my list of favorites for some time is Hansigurumi by Hansi Singh. Hansigurumi (or Hansi, as she calls herself in her profile) is a knitter who has created some of the most exquisite amigurumi patterns I've found. Her creations are lifelike and colorful with impeccable attention to detail.

Take the orbweaver pattern, shown at the beginning of this entry. These colorful spiders have all the features of "real" spiders - from fangs to compound eyes. They also have lovely fair-isle-like designs on their abdomens that appeal to the less-scientific side.

Hansi also does an excellent job of describing the technical skills needs to successfully complete the pattern. Make no mistake, the orbweavers are not for beginning knitters, and even experienced knitters should enjoy the challenges the pattern imposes.

Another pattern I'd like to highlight from Hansi's collection is the chamelion. The examples shown on the Etsy listing have me positively itching to pick up my needles and some new yarn.

With designs like these, it's no wonder more than 4,000 people call Hansi one of their favorite Etsy artists. See for yourself and visit her shop today!

And if you really like Hansi's patterns, check out her first book Amigurumi Knits.


  1. store isnt there anymore can u pass the pattern on to me punkkassie@gmail.com

  2. UPDATE: Hansi Singh recently came out with a book containing some of her most popular patterns. Here's a link ==> http://www.amazon.com/Amigurumi-Knits-Patterns-Cute-Mini/dp/1589234359